Chris Howard
Managing Director, MassChallenge UK

Originally from London, UK and a lover of creative industries, Chris’ lifelong passion lies with helping talented people be successful without the requirement of traditional gatekeepers.

After a successful music career in London, Chris changed career paths and completed his Ph.D in Computational Physics from Reading University in 2009 and came to MIT as a Research Affiliate to direct his time to understanding how we may convert academic understanding of social psychology into real-world and useful algorithms, with a focus on helping to identify individuals that may be able to help talented people succeed. While doing so, Chris also became the Head Teaching Fellow of Harvard University’s undergraduate Physical Sciences.

In 2011, Chris founded and led his first company – Libboo – as CEO with his co-founders Richard Hawthorn and Fernando Albertorio – converting Chris’ research and understanding of social influence into a set of products designed to help talented authors be successful without the need of traditional gatekeepers. Libboo graduated two of the USA’s most prestigious accelerators – MassChallenge in 2011, then Techstars in 2012 – and went on to raise several rounds of multi-million dollar Angel and Venture funding from some of the world’s most successful business leaders.

As Libboo continues this day to rise to success, Chris moved on at the end of 2014 to broaden his personal mission of helping talented people be successful by joining MassChallenge as its first Managing Director.

Chris can be found in mainstream media with the likes of BBC, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, Read Write Web, Boston Globe and is a regular public speaker, investor and mentor at many US and UK universities.