Stephen Brown
Technology Licensing Officer, MIT

Stephen Brown studies barriers to technology commercialization in organizations and regions focusing on the tactics and strategy needed to reduce the risk of commercialization so the rate of innovation is increased and that funders, customers, and talented employees can be attracted to the organization and region.

Steve has spent most of his career directly involved in the management of new products, business development and commercialization activities. He is the founder of Innovate4Growth Consulting. Previously Steve, worked for the MIT Technology Licensing Office in the chemicals, materials, bioPharma, and medical devices areas. He worked with over 100 successful U.S. technology based startups during his career at MIT, either as the Licensing Officer who negotiated their license, as the Licensing Office Ambassador who provided them with advice and contacts, as a judge in MIT’s 100K Entrepreneurship Contest, or as an evaluator of their funding proposals to the Deshpande Proof of Concept Fund.

He has also consulted with organizations and regions in fifteen other countries both developed and emerging.