Terms of Service

These Standard Terms and Conditions for Event Participation apply to participation in the event organised by DFB-BFA and MIT GSW.



The terms used in these Standard Terms and Conditions for Event Participation have the following meanings.

1.1 BBEM 2015: The MIT GSW and Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia – Diputación Foral de Bizkaia host this event in partnership with the three Basque Universities.

1.2 Participant: each natural person who has applied by means of an Application Form to be a Participant in the Event and with whom the Organisers have entered into a Participation Agreement.

1.3 Participants Platform: an online portal for the Participant containing important information about participation in the Event. A private social network is also available here to interact with other participants.

1.4 Participation Costs: the costs payable by the Participant to the Organisers and comprising the Application Fee.

1.5 Participation Agreement: the agreement between the Participant and the Organisers on the basis of which the Participant is entitled to take part as such in the Event.

1.6 Conditions of Participation: the entirety of these Standard Terms and Conditions.

1.7 Applicant to EPC or BPC: each natural or legal person who has applied to be a Participant in the Elevator Pitch Competition, or the Business Plan Competition regardless of whether this application has been accepted by the Organisers.

1.8 Application Form to BPC: the form by which a potential participant applies to be a Participant in the Business Plan Competition.

1.9 Organisers: DFB-BFA in partnership with MIT GSW, and in association with the Three Basque Universities.



2.1 A natural person wishing to participate in the Event should submit an application for this purpose. Application to participate in the Event should be made by means of an Application Form which is available through BBEM 2015 online application module.

2.2 Conditional applications are not possible, other than with the prior express and written consent of the Organisers.

2.3 The Applicant warrants to the Organisers that the data supplied on the Application Form,  are correct. Any incorrect or unauthorised data are at the expense and risk of the Applicant.

2.4 The Organisers will enter the data obtained by them from the Applicant in a database kept by them for this purpose. By submitting an application the Applicant authorises the use

and storage of the data supplied by him. The Organisers may use this data for the organisation and processing of the Event and for publication in the Participant´s Platform, including the private social network for interacting with the other Participants. The Applicant may retract his consent at any time by sending an email to the Organisers.

2.5 The Participation Agreement is concluded solely by acceptance by the Organisers of the application, whereupon the Applicant becomes a Participant. Such acceptance is confirmed by Organisers by e-mail sent to the Applicant/Participant and marked for the attention of the contact referred to in the Application Form. The registration is confirmed once the Aplicant pays the Participation Costs, indicated in the email.

2.6 After confirmation of participation, the Participant receives his user name and password. Using them, the Participant can visit the Participant’s Platform, where he/she can access all important information about the event.

2.7 Applications which cannot be accepted immediately owing to lack of space may be put on a waiting list. A decision on these applications is taken before the opening of the Event. Participants that fall free as a result of cancellation will be considered in the same manner.

2.8 The Organisers reserve the right to refuse an application as they see fit.

2.9 In addition, the Organisers reserve the right to grant priority as regards acceptance of applications to scholarship students of the three Basque Universities, partners acting as joint organisers, provided that they are responsible for selecting them.

2.10 If the application is refused by the Organisers before confirming Participation, none payments will have been done, so there is no payment to be refunded.

2.11 If the Applicant/Participant has a complaint about the service provided by the Organisers, he can give immediate email notice of this to the Organisers so that they can, if necessary and possible, remedy the complaint.



3.1 An application that has been lodged and accepted may be unilaterally retracted in writing by the Participant free of charge within five (5) days of the confirmatory e-mail from the Organisers. After the five (5) days have passed the application may no longer be unilaterally retracted or altered by the Participant. If an Applicant wishes to cancel or alter an application after the above-mentioned period of five (5) days has elapsed, he/she must send an email request to this effect to the Organisers. The Organisers may grant a request for cancellation of the application, on condition that the Participant´s vacancy in the event can be supplied by other Applicant.

3.2 If the Participant is unable to take part in the Event owing to special circumstances beyond his control (this being a matter for assessment by the Organisers), the Organisers may terminate the Participation Agreement at the request of the Participant. In such a case the Organisers will not invoice or withhold the Participation Costs.



4.1 The Organisers reserve the right at all times to change the dates and times of the Event specified in the conditions of participation or, in very exceptional circumstances, the concept of the Event or to cancel the Event due to special circumstances or if the organisation of the Event so requires. In such cases the Participant will not be entitled to claim compensation for any costs incurred and/or loss or damage suffered as a result.

4.2 Changes to dates, times, or to the concept of the Event as referred to in article 4.1 will not entitle the Participant to cancel his application wholly or partly. Article 3 will continue to apply in full.

4.3 If the Event is cancelled, the application and the Participation Agreement will be treated as having lapsed and the payments made by the Participant to the Organisers will be refunded.

This refund will be made within sixty (60) days of the date on which the Organisers decide to cancel the Event.



5.1 The Organisers fix two basic admission prices for the Event, one for students and one for profesionals, which are specified in the official website. The VAT is included on the fees.

5.2 The Participants in the Event will be provided with a participant card, which will provide continuous admission to the Event. How many participant cards are issued is a matter for the Organisers to decide.

5.3 The participant cards referred to in article 5.2 are strictly personal and may be applied for and made available only to persons who belong to the Participant’s business or organisation, or third parties engaged by the Participant, unless agreed otherwise in writing with the Organisers. The Participant warrants that the participant cards will be used only as described above and will not be made available to other third parties – whether or not in consideration of payment of the costs.

5.4 Other personal continuous admission tickets will be available in consideration of payment of a price to be fixed by the Organisers. The Organisers may provide that the participant cards and/or other ‘continuous’ admission tickets must bear a photograph of the holder showing a good likeness.



6.1 The Organisers are entitled to take photographs and/or make film recordings of the Event and persons present there for the marketing purposes of the Organisers. The Participant must permit publication of the photographs and recordings.



7.1 The Participant owes the Participation Costs specified in the confirmation email. Payment must be made at the latest on the next five days after receiving the confirmation and payment information.

7.2 Participation Costs will be invoiced all at once by bank transfer.

7.3 If a Participant has not paid in full the amounts owed by him within the periods stipulated for such payments, article 10 will apply in full. In such a case the Participant may not claim a refund of amounts already paid.

7.4 If the Participant considers that he/she does not owe all or part of an invoice, he/she should inform the Organisers in writing, giving reasons, within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice, failing which any right to reduction of the invoice amount will lapse.

7.5 The Organisers are entitled to set off payments made by a Participant first of all against any outstanding debts of the Participant from previous Events.



8.1 At the request of the Organisers, the Participant must show without that he/she is not infringing anyone else’s intellectual property rights. If the Participant is unable to show this, the Organisers are entitled to rescind participation in EPC and BPC and take whatever other measures that they consider necessary, without prejudice to the provisions of article 10.

8.2 The Organisers are the owners of the intellectual property rights relating to the Event. The Organisers may grant written permission to Participants and other third parties to use these intellectual property rights in such manner as the Organisers may prescribe.



9.1 The Organisers are not liable for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly by the Participant, by his personnel, by persons working on the instructions of the Participant, by the holders of participation cards or by his visitors, unless there has been intent or gross negligence on the part of the Organisers.

9.2 The Participant is liable for and must take out adequate insurance against any and all loss or damage of any nature whatever that is caused by acts or omissions of the Participant himself, his personnel, persons who work for him/her or on his instructions in any way whatever, and holders of participant cards, and for loss or damage which is caused in any way by his acts.

9.3 The Participant indemnifies the Organisers against any and all claims that third parties may bring against the Organisers in connection with its acts or omissions.

9.4 The Organisers will refrain from intervening in any disputes to which they are not party, including but not limited to disputes between Participants and disputes between Participants and visitors.



10.1 Where a Participant, his personnel, persons working for or on the instructions of the Participant and holders of participation cards act in breach of any provision of the conditions of participation or fail to follow an instruction given by or on behalf of the Organisers, the Organisers are entitled, without recourse and, where necessary, at the expense of the Participant, to take whatever measures they see fit, including but not limited to the following:

– terminate all or part of the Participation Agreement, without the need for prior notice of default; and/or

– cancel the participant cards issued to the person or persons in question and bar such person(s) from the Event and/or the venue with immediate effect; and/or

– exclude the Participant concerned from participating in any other events to be organised; and/or

– if the Participant fails to make payment in time or in full, Organisers are immediately entitled to rescind confirmation of Participation.

10.2 This is without prejudice to the right of the Organisers to claim full compensation for any loss or damage suffered and/or yet to be suffered.



11.1 In addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions, the Specific VenueTerms and Conditions and the Rules & Regulations of the venue are applicable. If and in so far as the Specific Terms and Conditions of the venue conflict with the Standard Terms and Conditions, the Specific Venue Terms and Conditions will prevail unless expressly provided otherwise in writing.



12.1 The Organisers will decide on all matters for which the conditions of participation make no provision or in all cases in which they are deemed unclear.